🐧 Ciel, Yiwei Gong

Wifi on Pidora Under Command Line Interface

Mon Mar 3, 2014

Actually Raspberry Pi is not suitable to run under GUI environment. The memory and GPU actually are not powerful for dealing with GUI software. But it is good enough for a command line interface. What do you expect? You can just regard it as a small linux VPS:).

But it is a little difficult to connect to Wifi via command line. All tutorial on Internet is about Raspbian instead of Pidora. I am really a big fun of Fedora and here is a simple way I found to connect wifi via Pidora command line.

  1. Boot up with GUI interface.
  2. Set up Wifi connection.
  3. Type sudo rm /etc/sysconfig/firstboot in a terminal session.
  4. Reboot
  5. Configure your system to boot up with command line interface:).

Actually Raspbian can use the same method. But you have to use sudo raspi-config instead.

Now you can connect your Raspberry Pi via SSH.